Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Link swapping

Wow. It's been almost a whole month since my last post. I really have been busy. New boss and other weird and wacky stuff going on. Overall I really hate my job, but that is besides the point.

I wonder if it is new spam or just some annoying people without real names, but I am getting emails from supposed individuals wishing to "link swap". It looks like requests to put links for a website on your own page in exchange for them putting links on their sites. Well, Annajooeasis, I don't think so. Yeah, these names are really far out. So for all those idiots out there, first red flag on spam and other baddies is the name. If you don't recognize it or it seems to be foreign, pun intended, then you better be cautious.

Oh, have you seen the news? I haven't. Any new fingers in the soup lately?

Have fun! Ride hard!


Anonymous said...

Dunno if you've heard this yet... Someone found a finger in a cup of custard at Kohl's Frozen Custard shop in N.C. It was cut off at the first knuckle, apparently happened when the person was trying to catch a bucket of custard that he had dropped... the guy that found it put it in his mouth, thinking it was some sort of candy or something... Eugh.

The person that found the finger is most definitely stupid or something... I mean, what kind of candy is finger shaped? And what would a candy be doing in a cup of frozen custard?


^14 yr old 8th grader

Anonymous said...

I know.. don't ya hate people who leave requests for links or leave their link on your site? Oh, by the way, this is where you can reach me. Heh, just joking.

I love your site.

-lover of sarcasm-

Bill said...

L of S:

Glad you appreciate the "humor"!

Aaron Dunlap said...

These "link" requests are a script...

It's spam